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4 easy steps to THE BEST snow cone ever (and your hands don’t touch the product!)
   1) Pour up to 8 lbs of cube ice into large ice hopper – turn on switch
   2) Tap foot pedal to fill cup and top with funnel-filled light fluffy snow
   3) Press top (funnel of snow) and cup together-hands never touch product!
   4) Flavor with any of the SnoShack fabulous flavors – ENJOY!

HEALTH CODES: Meets or surpasses all health codes. Seamless food zone is easy to clean and non-corrosive.

SNOWY PRODUCT: Without making any adjustments, this unique shaver consistently makes a ‘snowier’ products which absorbs rather than repels flavoring like a ‘chunkier’ product does.

SHAVING SPEED: 150 inches of cutting blade surface guarantees quick shaving. Fill a 12 oz cup with snow in 3-4 seconds!

SERVING: Pour in ice, turn on, tap foot pedal and turn on toggle switch and the machine shoots an avalanche of “REAL SNOW” directly into cup. The foot pedal frees operator’s hands for easier and faster service to customers!

Don’t delay - get started today with your introductory package! It’s as easy as calling 1-877-423-8785.

SnoShack Start-up Package $2,350 (12v-$2,450)
* 110v cube shaver-with drip pan
* 12 count syrup bottle rack
*  6 Syrup bottles
*  6 Bottles of Concentrate
*  1 set of funnels (shaping the shaved ice)
*  200 spoon/straws
*  6 Squirt Lids for concentrate bottles
*  1 Concentrate measure bottle-1 oz for the BEST prices in the industry!  We will not be undersold!
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